What a week

Dad had surgery yesterday – Mom was supposed to have surgery today.  His for a shoulder injury incurred last year after falling from their second story roof…..at 80 years old and hers for blindness in one eye brought on by nothing. 

Net net:  She can’t drive him and he would not be able to drive her.  Yeah – about that.  I live 2 miles from them.  I have one sibling who is in the same area, but was not able to drive them due to unfortunate circumstances involving beer and.the.law in the past (let’s just call him Black Sheep or BS which is oddly VERY appropriate).  My other sibling (let’s call her Grace today) lives an hour away which I am finding is JUST the right distance to be inconvenient for family needs such as these.  (We are calling her Grace due to unfortunate circumstances involving the corner of her fence and her face).

Anyhoo – dad’s surgery was mostly a success, the biggest success in my opinion was that they were able to wake him up afterward and his pain level should greatly decrease from the last 6 months after the accident.   Mom’s surgery is cancelled due to issues discovered at the pre op appointment. 

This is what I call living the dream.  Yes – first off – I am blessed to have them so close to me and a full time job that is flexible enough to allow me to be here for them (and them for me over the past 12, UGH almost 13 years), but sometimes their drama along with my drama is a little too much to process.

I’m sure I am not the only person out there with this scenario, but I am so thankful for a circle of friends who will listen for hours on end and a family that can function without the presence of the nucleus as she deals with all other things that are not her own.  




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