Ok, I would like to post a question to the people that schedule crisis in my life.  W.T.F.???

As if last week wasn’t enough I get a phone call Sunday night from the girlfriend of the Donor telling me that he is in the hospital with a tumor (I’m sorry, but all I hear is Ahnold saying that word when I say it.  I actually said it like that to the surgeon…..nice) that is on a major organ of which he has two so they are removing said organ tomorrow.  I am not married to the Donor any longer, but I have his youngest and we have maintained a very good relationship since I asked him to leave we dissolved our marriage.

Anyway, the girlfriend is the mother of a sitter that used to live with me and the Donor.  Keep up!!!!  (I will post about that later).  I love this woman and if she was to become wife number three to the Donor I would be in hog heaven.  My child calls her Nana – how SWEET would it be to actually like the person that your child would spend time with while away from you??

Oh look!!  A chicken!!!  Sorry – my ADD just kicked in. 

I am taking the child to the hospital tonight to visit and absolutely against his wishes.  I have told him what to expect such as the beeping machine and the IVs, but other than that (and his dad bringin’ sexy back in that gown) his dad is totally fine and looks normal, etc.  We will stay for 3 minutes or 3 hours whatever the child would like to do. 

I spent EIGHT hours there yesterday.  My child has two siblings that are older than he is.  They were my stepkids for years and I didn’t want them there alone when my Donor (I guess he’s their Donor too…) was wheeled away for the bone and CT scans to make sure there aren’t issues in other places besides said organ and his head

I guess that I am a good person.  I mean I burned a day off at work to sit in a hospital room with my ex stepchildren and their future stepmom (PLEASE!!!) to stare at my ex all day as he snored like a freight train.  Wow – I forgot how much I detested and loathed loved and missed that particular feature of his make and model. 

Surgery is supposed to be tomorrow – more later. 

PS – I got a txt from the child at the bus stop this morning apologizing for cheating (something about cutting and pasting) admitting that he knew it was wrong and doesn’t know why he did it.  The next txt says “I’m sorry and I love you”.  Please refer to the second “sentence” of this post for what I have been thinking all day and will have to continue thinking until he gets home. 


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