When something prolific catches your eye

Disclaimer: Apparently I’m like a monkey with a football when it comes to linking to someone else’s posts. Note to self – sign up for that training.

This story hit home with me. It makes me glad to know that others are in the image battle with me even though we should be NOWHERE near the front lines: http://countrymouse-countrymouse.blogspot.com/

My comments to her story:

As I read this I cried – it reads like my story at that age of not understanding what life had in store for me.
My dad came to my dorm room and pulled me out from under my bed after my professors had not seen me for a week. He described me as “feral” at that stage.
I had to draw what I felt I looked like on a sheet of art paper and then lie down in it – that was pretty damning right there.
I had a child and gained 55 pounds – I ate EVERYTHING I could. However, I was back to a size 0 in 3 weeks after he was born. I thought it was cool – look at all of this attention I’m getting! People didn’t care about me otherwise so I thought. And my mom didn’t help by perpetuating it by almost smiling when people would comment on how thin I was.
Breaking point? Child was born 5 weeks early and was almost 9 pounds at 4 weeks and I still remember not being able to pick him up. I had to get on the floor and put him on the sofa then sit on the sofa to pick him up from a sitting position. It took years to get past the addiction on my own.
If you saw me now you would not believe that I ever was that way. People see pictures of me and just fall out if they didn’t know me then. I’m 5’6″ and weigh myself daily (bad bad bad) and weigh anywhere between 128 and 132. I am NOT happy with the way that I look, but I swear I could not go back to anorexia and expect to be happy in my marriage and with my 13 year old.
Thank you for posting this – how refreshing to see that I was not the only one…. I read the books for the same reason.
Take care and know that you were not alone and will not ever be alone in battling this disease.


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