Golden Girls

Dear Lifetime, 

Please stop screwing with your schedule.  

I was majorly pissed okay when you took Designing Women off of the air and replaced it with Frasier.  Frasier – really?  Seriously?  I was able to power through it and now that is when I schedule my  morning conference calls when I work from home.  

So now I have had a crazy day and was ready to kick back to the Golden Girls from 4 until 5 while finishing up with emails and presentation development only to realize that the $$*#($#@&%@$@*$ great movie “Prince of Tides” is on instead.  

I don’t feel like crying this afternoon.  My boss made me do that this morning.  (Just kidding – I’ve actually been kicking ass and saving my boss’ tail today)  

I am not happy.

Also, please take note: Do not even consider messing with the W&G lineup from 11 to 12.  You don’t want to get all up in here with that shit!

Thank you,

Dedicated Viewer (for the time being)


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