A letter to UM

Dear Coach Rodriguez,

We lost to Utah last week and I had to endure the same heckling at the office as last year when we lost to App State (not your fault – Lloyd was at the healm then).

PLEASE DON’T LOSE TO MIAMI OHIO!!!! I promise to watch this week and I will scare my dogs and anyone else within a mile of my house as I scream at the television giving you all of the support that I can give from so many states away.

If we don’t win today I will have to telecommute for the next 5 months in order to not strangle the first person that busts my chops for all of the maize and blue that I surround myself in.

If we don’t win I might have to retire the UM purse too and take up carrying the UGA one. Although black and red go with virtually everything I prefer to carry the blue and yellow one that makes people in the South throw up in their mouths just a little. I’m a giver.

Yours forever (until this afternoon and then I reserve the right to revoke it)

PS – thankyouverymuch


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