Kind of like my first date….

I sit here tapping my fingers on the windowsill (keyboard – whatever) craning my neck to look out the window for the guys that are supposed to be revamping my yard today.  

I have to squint through the crepe myrtle bush (see post below) outside my office window to see the street with the hopes that a big truck will pull up.

Hey, I’m from the South – waiting for big trucks to pull up was always what we waited for!!!! It may have been our prince in shining armor or with seats shiny from Armour All.

PS – they are here and I think I am in love with both of them. I am in awe at what these two boys can do with a 12 foot saw blade and hedge trimmers. I think a couple of the hens in the hood clapped when they were on their daily gossip gait (I won’t call it walking….cuz it just isn’t. Mrs. Kravitz would walk faster)


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