Seven years since the worst tragedy this country has suffered.

Please take a moment (or eleventy million of them) to remember those that lost their life, father, mother, sister, brother, the love their life, family member or friend on this day seven years ago.

I remember where I was – in the parking deck of my office building listening to the radio.

I remember fighting with my husband when he didn’t take me seriously as I was worried about the safety of my child in a state far away from what was happening.

I remember him calling me back telling me to go – go now – get him from school.

I remember trying to explain to a 6 year old about what was happening while trying to understand myself. Planes, buildings, fields, Pentagon…. Really?? How how how how how how how???

My brother in law was a fire chief at the time. My brother in law is from NY – my brother in law knew people directly impacted by this tragedy.

My ex husband is a police officer. My son had issues when he heard how many police and firepersons lost their lives. Trying to save people. This is what they do – this is what they practice for, but this level of requirement was nothing they thought they would ever see. However, they didn’t give up. They didn’t stand on the street. They went it to save people – that is after all, what they did for a living.

I will never forget how our country was compromised. I will never forget those who gave their lives to save others, those who’s lives were taken in a split second or those who’s lives were taken NOT in a split second and who suffered the horror and fear of what was unfolding right in front (or below) of them.

Please remember them in your prayers and your thoughts.

Our children will hear about it today at school. I will make it a dinner topic. It isn’t a pleasant one, but unfortunately it is a string in the quilt of this country.


One response to “9/11

  1. I agree, 9/11 is still a strong part of my memory. The families who were broken apart, the lives that were shattered. Today will definitely be a day of remembering.

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