You vs Ike

They told you to leave.

They used the words “certain death”.

You chose to stay and to put those that agreed to serve and protect in harms way.

24,000 of you riding it out…..

My child’s father swore to serve and protect. He would have to stay to save you from your poor decision.

I would never forgive you if something happened to him.

The police/firefighters/Coast Guard/National Guard HAVE to stay. You civilians do not. What you are protecting can be replaced.

Thank you for being selfish. Ike has been on the radar for over a WEEK.

Wow – it is a full moon tonight and I won’t sleep because apparently I’m a werewolf.

I will take Bitter and Sarcastic for $400 Alex.


One response to “You vs Ike

  1. I never understood why people chose to stay, and it’s not fair to your child’s father who will risk his neck b/c someone didn’t want to let go of their big screen.

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