Yay for me taking a half day off tomorrow!!!

1.  Toes toes toes toes toes – that is approximately the number of weeks since I last had my toes done.  Lord I am glad it is boot season.

2.  Pick out a Halloween costume.  Let me tell you how I loathe Halloween parties.  L O A T H E   Especially with about eleventy million extra pounds on me.  Oh well – maybe I can find a ketchup bottle or french fry costume.  Mmmm…  I will be right back….  🙂

3.  I’m 40 this weekend.  I love birthdays ESPECIALLY mine!  Party Saturday that husband has put together.  This is the great thing about it.  I know there is a party and I know most of the people who will be there, but there are always bound to be surprise guests.  As a matter of fact I cried a little at a stop light this morning in hopes that he would be able to get a few out of towners here.  Please!!!

4.  Hey!  Put an 0 behind that and you get 40!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


One response to “Tomorrow

  1. I can’t remmber the last time I had a pedicure. I have to wear steel toed shoes to work, so maybe it’s better that way!

    Congrats on the big 4-0! I hope you have fun at yo party!!

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