This awful game (if you call it that) has made it way in to my home.  

So as I sat upstairs last night after counting the cobwebs on my kitchen light cleaning up the house, I started to enjoy  my daily brain challenge called the LA Times Crossword.  I say challenge my brain because I make myself hold off from calling my mom for the answers until the very last minute.  

Anyhoo…..the clicking sounds from this game when you are a floor above the people playing will make you want to stick a pencil in your eye.  They turned down the volume so the music wouldn’t be too loud, but I am here to tell you that Kiss’ Lick it Up would have been more enjoyable to listen to than someone trying to use the Rockband guitar for the first time.  

Seriously – remember those HUGE pencils from elementary school.  I really did look for one.  Instead all I found was the cheap mechanical pencils that my 8th grader uses and after having written with them before knew the lead would break at the retina.  I doubted I would have any return on investment of my act after that. 

Srsly – Rockband = erratic clicking and drum beats.  There is a reason there isn’t a tour bus in my driveway.


One response to “Rockband

  1. UGH- my kids are banished to the basement -I never thought about how an apartment would be. Guess you can’t really counter with loud crossword puzzles.

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