The church of soccer

Jennster had a post about the church of baseball that I commented on. Then I realized that I hadn’t posted here in forever. Here is what I left on her blog and if you haven’t ever been there before you must go. She makes me laugh – a l o t! Here is the link to her blog cut and pasted because I’m all technical like that and can’t figure out how to link it through her name in this paragraph.

I attended the church of football, but had to transfer my membership to the church of soccer lately.
My son is an awesome soccer player, but my heart is with football….. It broke a little when he decided he wanted to go back to soccer. He was always the star of the team and I didn’t understand how he could stop playing.
I always told him it was his decision and when he came to me and said he was tired of broken bones at the end of the season and just wasn’t in to any longer I had to concede.
I never told him how much I wanted to push him to stay so he took a couple of seasons off and joined the church of soccer again – the sport that he quit to play football in which my heart broke a little then as well.
Watching him play soccer is incredible – he is a strategic thinker and a team player and I am so proud of him.
The good thing about the church of soccer is there is very little stand, sit, kneel – rinse and repeat so my legs are not so sore come Sunday evening.


One response to “The church of soccer

  1. Sometimes I still think my little brothers are crazy for playing football. That’s gotta hurt!!

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