Look out

I passed the motorcycle class and am now a licensed rider. 


And now if Mother Nature would give us temperatures above 49 degrees I would appreciate it. 



Note to self

When attending a holiday open house where the owner is a little scattered and not prepared for it, don’t let her pour your drinks in the back room.

Your head will hurt the next day.

PS self:  Not a good idea to attend said open house with owner pouring the libations in the back room when you have the monthly ladies drinking card game the next night.  

PPS dogs:  Please lay down and just be quiet – oh and the breathing thing, it’s a little loud.

Wordless Wednesday

Fall Colors


If you have not joined it – do. 

It is a hoot and a half to re-engage with high school and college friends.  

The wounds of back stabbing snobs have surprisingly healed and at our age we learn that we were all in the same boat.  It would have been nice to have known it back then.  I am afraid that I missed out on some good friendships in my life. 

The really funny thing is that a lot of us live within 5 miles of each other now.  No joke…  And I have never run in to any of them. 

We are planning a get together the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Kind of an ollie ollie in come free type thing.  I hope a lot of people show up.

And most of all – I hope they all keep their mouths shut about how much weight I have gained.  That would make me very happy.  


Alive? Yeah – I’m here

I had a red letter day at the grocery yesterday.  That is just how exciting my life is lately.  

Publix – spent $20 and saved $22

Kroger – spent $99 and saved $78

Clip those coupons and spend the time with the the Sunday ads and save that kind of money!!  It takes about about one or two hours to do the research, but it is SO worth it.  Kind of like a scavenger hunt for food.  

Publix hot dogs were a penny with the weekly ad presented.  SWEET!

Isn’t that exciting?  My husband and I thought so, my son just thinks that I’m a geek.    🙂

Wordless Wednesday



Making a thirteen year old understand why he can’t watch Pinks while there is history in the making is tough.  

I’m just sayin’.